Photo Credit – Chaskin Saroff ’11

The Lake George High School Alumni Association, Inc., is a New York not-for-profit corporation created by Lake George Alumni for Lake George Alumni. 


The Lake George High School Alumni Association, Inc., seeks to preserve a shared spirit and culture among present and future Alumni through a diverse network of communications to insure long-lasting loyalty, perpetual camaraderie, and an enhanced educational experience.


To create an Alumni directory;

Maintain a network of communications, including a website with online newsletter reporting significant events in the lives of Alumni and the High School community;

Plan social events and assist with class reunions;

Enhance the education experience by establishing professional relationships with students and its Alumni for mentoring and networking for employment and academic opportunities;

Develop an historical archive for Lake George High School, including a collection of memorabilia, photos, and yearbooks; and

Raise funds for the benefit of both the Students, Teachers, and Alumni of both the Elementary and High School, as well as the Association.


The Board of Directors has 10 voting members, including officers:
Sally Hawley, Class of 1980, President
Andrea Seamans, Class of 1985, Vice-President
Jean Gillman, Class of 2018, Secretary
Glen Bruening, Class of 1980, Treasurer
Todd Earl, Class of 1974, Director
Mary Buehler, Class of 1980, Director
Hahnah Saroff, Class of 2013, Director
Lexi Parker, Class of 2015, Director
Tucker Mogren, Class of 2015, Director
Janet Loonan, Retired Teacher, Director
The Board of Directors has two Honorary Members:
Gloria Gilman, Class of 1952
Francis Cocozza, Jr-Sr High School Principal